This blog

I’ve decided to create a blog.


It boils down to two reasons:

  • I’ve always shared my thoughts and questions to my friends at the univiersity. My studies are coming to an end within a year, and it is time for me to broaden my horizon. This is to ease my transition to the real world by gaining some extra skills. Words are hard.

  • I’ve leeched at the depths of the internet and its humble availiability. It’s time for me to give some content back.


I choose to use Hugo for my blog. A simple framework that lets you spend your resourses where it matters: the content. The content is pushed to github and a post-push git-hook uses rsync to push the transpiled content to my production server.


I’ll try to cover my daily life as me, without the boring parts. Some posts will be tales from techsupport, before I forget them. Other posts will be tips & tricks, minor insights or quirks, encounters with bugs, my success, my failures etc. I’ll also create some tutorials in different topics, if I feel the need for it.