About me

I’m a 27 year old student from Ålesund, Norway. I started on a M.Tech in Industrial chemistry. After 3 years I broke off and changed my major to computer science.

I’ve always participated in non-profit activity in all my years at NTNU, my university. My focus was hc.ntnu.no, which gave given me experience ranging from interacting with people through requirements engineering and support, to buzzwords as Devops and fullstack. Altough frontend is fun, I’ve never come around to learn frontend at a good level. My pull is far stronger towards backend, Devops and data science.

I like the drone progress of programming: A new problem is always to be solved. This gives me energy to thrive in stress and hindrances. I’m comfortable in the terminal I love to set up new services, for fun or to save myself time in the future.

Python is currently my favorite language with Django as my go-to-framework for larger backend projects that requires some ACID DB. I use Flask for smaller projects.